"Somewhere, some time" (dance performance)

- an hallucinogenic experience of movement in time and space 

...Somewhere, some time, a group of dancers moves in spirals, curves and loops around themselves and in spatial patterns. By knitting, braiding and weaving the dances into nonlinear patternings, they are confusing beginnings and endings. As if they are the beholder of time and space, they rock their surrounding into a hazed state of being. The dance is functioning as an anchor to experience the time passing, which is tangled together with the change and ongoingness of all the processes here and now. This altered state of experiencing is lingering on for hours, until the dancers stops dancing...


Dance and Choreography:

Karin Bergman is a Copenhagen based dancer and choreographer, educated at The Danish National School of Performing Arts 2013- 2017. Her practices are dealing with dance as the anchor to experience ongoing processes of both inner and outer worlds. By dealing with bodies entangled into complex relational systems, her choreographies encourage a decentralized attention, i.e. movement of thought and sensation. With a rising interest in meditative practices, her current research ”Somewhere, some time” is holding a space of absence, to access the attention emerging from boredom and under stimulation.

Dancers and collaborators:


Marie Bru Eide, Anna Lea Ourø Jensen, Emilie Gregersen, Max Wallmeier & Rebecka Berchtold.



film by Jonas Fogh.



Research / Forsøg at Forsøgsstationen (DK)


Workshop / Professional morning training, Dansehallerne (DK)


13Festivalen at Konstepidemin (SE)

Dance: Karin Bergman, Marie Bru Eide and Emilie Gregersen


The abandoned gas station at Stubmøllevej

/ Sydhavns Teater (DK)

Dance: Karin Bergman and Marie Bru Eide

Coordinator: Maj Rafferty

Supported: ST:ART / Enghave Lokaludvalg, Fælleskassen, Funch Fonden and Tuborgfonden


Process sharing and feedback session

Danscentrum Syd (SE)

Dance: Karin Bergman, Anna Lea Ourø Jensen and Marie Bru Eide


Presentation of summer residencies

/ Danscentrum Syd (SE)



Danscentrum Syd (SE), 2 weeks residency


"Stedet er levende" / Astrid Noacks Atelier (DK)

/ Karin Bergman

/ karinbe@live.com

/ +46 702126983